New Table Top RPG: Carbyne Jungle – Kickstarter Campaign (unpaid advertising)

New Table Top RPG: Carbyne Jungle – Kickstarter Campaign (unpaid advertising)

If you like to play TTRPGs and prefer a sci-fi fantasy setting and don't mind that the rule book is exclusively English-speaking, this new game could be Carbyne Jungle and debut work by the Californian game developer Nor Cal Mythos Entertainment (NCM)" is exactly what you're looking for. But even for absolute Table Top beginners who always wanted to get a taste of this very own RPG atmosphere, this game now offers THE opportunity.

It features a story set in a vast universe with fancy quests on every corner. The characters are fully customizable through hundreds of options for backstory/biographies and abilities. Carbyne Jungle's game engine is designed to make the RPG suitable for players of all levels, whether beginners or professionals, and always ensures maximum gaming fun. Beginners can, for example, Enter the game directly with a simple set of rules and gradually learn the strategic rules.

The "Tri-Forge-Engine" game engine developed especially for this RPG uses three rule sets (Stock, Strategy, Flip N Fight), all of which can be integrated into the same game at the same time, depending on the skills and preferences of the players. In this way, beginners and advanced learners can develop their characters side by side and enjoy the same role-playing experience. The "Flip N Fight" control set allows e.g. to start and play with brand new players and create ready-made games that can also be played by the entire group. These decks can also be mixed to create random quests for players.

In addition to the traditional role-playing game, there is also an Autorun game, should no game manager be found. This game mode features a map system that helps with gameplay and random dungeon creation, delivering a vibrant and dynamic combat system that lets players immerse themselves directly in the game.

A complete and detailed Playtest (150 pages) with rule sets and sample characters can be downloaded from the developer's page. For more information about "Carbyne Jungle," see

In summary, Carbyne Jungle offers the following benefits:

  • Fast character creation
  • Control of character progress
  • Many unique game aspects
  • Simple game options
  • Advanced gameplay options
  • Mixed gameplay where new players can play with veterans and enjoy the game.
  • Optional card system that speeds up gameplay and allows for pre-made and random dungeons.

well? Fixed? But then quickly to the Kickstarter campaign. It is still running at the time of this blog post. one month.

If you participate in the campaign, you will receive the Core Rule Book in October 2019. Expansion packs are already in the works, the first "Heroes, Liars Thieves and Fools" will be released in June 2020.

I wish you happy role-playing, may the dice always be weighed!

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