Comic-News: Myre 2 is in development and you can help to make it really great!

Comic-News: Myre 2 is in development and you can help to make it really great!

As fans of the comic series "Myre - Chronicles of Yria" know, the first part of the series was already very successfully financed by crowdfunding. In this country (Germany) the first part (160 pages) was split into 2 parts and is available in German language at Splitter Verlag in these 2 parts, but, no, there is actually no "real" second part yet, in case you wondered. The real second part of Myre (also with 160 pages, English language and about 20 extra pages with artwork) is currently in development and will probably be finished by the end of 2022.

The crowdfunding project for "Myre 2 - In the Shadows of the Dwellers" has already been running for a few days on Indiegogo, where it was possible to reach 56% within 3 hours (!) and 100% of the main target of 22.000 Euro within 48 hours. An unbelievable start, which certainly illustrates very well how many fans are eagerly waiting for the second part and put their trust in the author. Currently the project is in a very exciting Strechgoal phase. This means that from now on further goodies like trading cards, signed art prints, desktop backgrounds (wallpapers) etc. will be unlocked, which you can get for a certain amount (Perk). And this is where you come in if you want to create the absolutely coolest Myre 2 package available.

What you can do to get the best Myre 2 package

The first two Strechgoals (25,000 and 30,000 euros) have already been reached and have already unlocked further content that buyers of the comic book will receive (e.g. with the Indiegogo Perk "The Encounter" for 60€). But the most powerful Strechgoal, and for a Yria addict the absolute crown of a Myre 2 package, is still a bit far away at this point, but not impossible to achieve in the time remaining. I'm talking about another double-page spread of Yria-Lore in the incomparable style that has been used to introduce the story so far and to present ancient prophecies. So another part of the story of the creation of the world in which the comic-story takes place, which has never been shown before and is said to include dragons.

Hey, which one of you wants to miss this? Not me! That's why you gotta get on it! Tell your friends, acquaintances, etc. Share the crowdfunding project with anyone you think might be interested. The goal is to reach at least 65.000 Euro. And we still have until mid-August 2020 to achieve this, so at the time of this article there are 17 days left. This is feasible, because half of the way is already done! But also the next Strechgoal at 35.000 Euro, makes at least my fan-heart beat in 3/4 time. Here the author offers to draw an Extra Comic Strip based on a survey among the participating sponsors or buyers of the comic book. We can then help decide which characters and story should appear in the extra comic strip. Brilliant idea, in my opinion!

More information about the different Perks and Strechgoals can be found on Indiegogo and the authors website.

A little tip: If you would like to pay via PayPal, for example, check out the authors' website. There you will find additional payment options, including PayPal. The packages are identical to those on Indiegogo and also participate from the Strechgoals.

But wait, I'm praising a comic book here like it's the holy grail. What is Auntie talking about?! Wait what? Myre? Yria? Huh?!

Who or what is Myre? What can I expect?

Okay. You guys are comic book fans, right? You like fantastic stories? Loves dragons? Do you like exploring strange worlds? Do you like to meet new characters, who can also be of the furry kind? Likes to fight at the side of pithy, somewhat grumpy anti-heroes who actually don't want to have anything to do with the situation, but can't resist because fate or prophecies force them to? Besides, you prefer to drown in beautiful, detailed drawings? Well, then you really can't avoid Myre, guys! If you really managed not to notice anything of this excellent first work of the very talented Claudya Schmidt aka AlectorFencer for the last years, you can read my detailed review of the first part of the comic series "Myre - Chronicles of Yria" here. In this case, however, the German version by Splitter Verlag, which, as mentioned at the beginning, was split into 2 parts.

If you just want to let pictures speak for themselves, here are excerpts from the first part of Myre:

Einblicke in 'Myre - Chroniken von Yria' Einblicke in 'Myre - Chroniken von Yria'

Well, did I promise too much? And yes, the drawing style runs from the cover to the back of the book! Just like "what you see is what you get." I personally have never seen a comic book in this quality before, which is why I was and still am so enthusiastic about it. The fantasy of the author simply carries me away and takes me into this fantastic world. It just is. I can't express it any other way. Of course I am not the only one who feels this way. The comic was very well received by many critics and was even awarded the Rudolph Dirks Award in the category "Germany - Best Artwork" in 2018. By the way, I think the artist has improved the drawing quality of the current project, even if this is hardly possible. Current pictures can be found on Indiegogo or on the author's website. By the way, it's also worth following her on Twitter, for example, to stay up to date.

And no, I'm not paid for this, I have no additional benefits and I don't know the author personally or anything like that and I do this here solely on my own initiative. Simply because I am convinced that the second part will also be a masterpiece and I want to share my enthusiasm with you. But I am also just one fan of many. So it's actually almost pure self-interest and self-interest if the crowdfunding project goes as well as it can, because that's how I get the cool additional drawings and goodies, just like you or everyone who participates and co-finances the project. So I don't need any further motivation. And you? How about you?

Anyway, I can't wait until 2022, because apart from the expected end of the pandemic Myre 2 might find its way to us by then. I'm really looking forward to it and hope you will feel the same. Maybe we will meet soon somewhere in or on Yria. See you there, Travellers!

Here again the links to the crowdfunding campaign: Indiegogo - the authors website

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